Why Do Your Armpits Often Smell Bad?

The underarm spots in human beings often smell bad by nature if they are left as they are without any good treatment to alleviate or even to stop it. The stench produced in those places causes a big embarrassment to almost everyone, especially when this bad smell wafts to the sense of others, that would be a real plight.

We have discussed already earlier the common causes of bad body odor and addressed that issue in general terms without focusing on any specific part of human body. Here we are going to expatiate and provide more details about this topic to help those who seek knowledge and solution for their problem end their pursuit here.

The underarm spot (also known as axilla, armpit, or oxter) is the area on the human body directly under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder. It also provides the under-arm sweat gland. It is one of the most perspiring area on the body (for some people it is absolutely the most ever) and that’s because the sweat glands concentrate there more than any other area, and because your armpits are closed/folded the temperature increases there more than any other spot on your body, especially during your daily works. Taking into consideration also that because it isn’t always raised to allow constant airflow, bacteria begin to multiply. Then these bacteria eats the skin cells in your underarms and releases a chemical called 3-methyl 2-hexenoic acid which triggers the odor. Bacteria mixed with sweat, joined by the air equals a pungent and awful smell.

armpit bad odour

The only remedy for this situation is to keep yourself always clean, especially in the underarm area which will make it an irrelevant environment for the bacteria to live and perform their protein decay process. The best practice suggested to maintain a nice scent in that area is:

  • Remove your armpits hair regularly (mostly preferred every one month and a half) either by trimming it or plucking it off, and the latter is strongly recommended, because by plucking off the armpits you ruin the homes of bacteria there and limit their choices in finding an appropriate place.
  • Stop eating pork entirely because part of the ingredients of pork is released through your skin and give off a real bad smell.
  • Keep washing that area multiple times a day.
  • Use a good antiperspirant to reduce sweating, although deodorant is preferred for its healthier features.

Spicy Foods. Too much intake of spicy foods such as curry, onions, garlic, chillies and other spices can also cause your underarms to smell through your sweat. The smell of the spices is secreted outside your body and is mixed with sweat producing the bad odor which is why most people who live in the Middle East have this distinct smell on them.

Other diseases. Having diseases such as gastrointestinal problems, kidney or liver problems and diabetes can also cause smelly armpits due to in-take of strong medicines which affect the body odor.

We shouldn’t neglect genes role also. If your family have smelly underarms then most probably you just inherited it from them.

At the end of the day, there are so many causes of the unpleasant smell arise underarms, and what has been discussed here illustrates the major reasons, or you can say the most common. If you need a real and absolute solution you must always maintain a proper hygiene, dispose of your armpits hair, eat healthy and use a an effective deodorant or antiperspirant.

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