The Best Wireless Mouse in India

Technology is constantly changing in our world.  Even something that seems as simple as buying the best wireless mouse for your computer can be challenging.  There are so many styles and brands that it can have your head spinning.  What type of wireless computer mouse should you buy? Is there really an advantage of using a wireless mouse compared to using the standard corded mouse?  Will it be difficult to install?  You may be concerned over the ease of use.  This web site is designed to help you find the best wireless mouse without all of the frustration.

wireless mouse in India

Old Ball Mouse.

It used to be that the only computer mouse available was the old ball mouse. It collected dust which caused it to stick.  You had the hassle of taking it apart and cleaning it occasionally to keep it working at its best.   They were simple but didn’t always function properly even if you had just cleaned it.  Technology has come a long way. Today you have more choices.

 Most Popular.

The most popular types of the computer mouse available are the optical and laser.  While both serve their purpose, a laser mouse is more precise or sensitive to movements.   Because of this, it is excellent for projects such as graphic design and it’s outstanding for gaming.  It works by projecting a beam of that works 2000 CPI/DPI tracking sensitivity.  Unlike the optical mouse where you can see a blue or most commonly red light, the beam projected by a laser mouse is invisible to the eye.  One of the great conveniences of the laser mouse is that it can be used on nearly any surface.


Some people may prefer a computer mouse that is less sensitive.  For them the optical mouse would be a good choice.  It has about 800 CPI/DPI which makes it less precise than the laser, however, it may be easier to control for over-all usage by the classic user.

 Wireless Mouse Versus Corded Mouse.

As for the convenience of a wireless mouse compared to a corded mouse, there’s no contest.  How many times have you been in the middle of a project trying to move your mouse only to find that you’ve run out of cord or got it caught it on something?  What about the times you’ve caught the cord with your foot as you’ve stretched out?  The next thing you know is that it’s fallen to the floor and clunked Sparky in the head.  Once you’ve switched to the best wireless mouse for you, you’ll never go back to the corded.

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