The Best Nursing Bra in India

There are many aspects that should be considered when choosing a bra, especially a bra that comes with special function – like bras that are worn while nursing. The nursing bra is going to allow the mother to easily access the breasts while nursing, and allow the mother to get the support required from the bra, while having the versatility that comes with the fluctuating breast sizes in between feedings.

What should be considered when choosing the right nursing bra?

Taking into account the pre-nursing bra size is going to help to influence the size of nursing bra that has been chosen – and getting a professional fitting makes sure that the right size is going to be worn by the nursing mother. Professional fittings are offered free of charge through maternity stores and lingerie shops, allowing the woman to find the right size.

Different styles of nursing bras will suit various items of clothing. Casual clothing and night-time nursing sessions can be easily accommodated with soft-cup nursing bras. These bras are created without underwire to ensure the highest level of comfort. Traditional styles of nursing bras provide a higher level of support and can even include underwire in the bra to provide adequate daytime wear, and can be worn with traditional clothing.

Different brands of nursing bras are available at different price ranges. Designer nursing bras and those that have versatile functions throughout the design of the nursing bra are often more expensive. Shopping around for nursing bra sales through maternity shops and specialty bra stores can allow the consumer to save as much as forty percent off of the regular price of the nursing bra.

There are multiple brands of nursing bras that can be chosen from. Customers should choose nursing bras that come with the back-up of positive reviews from nursing mothers. Reviews can be taken from the internet and stores where the bras are being purchased, recommendations from family and friends, and even recommendations from magazines, online forums and other places where mothers can come together to discuss some of their favorite products.

How Many Nursing Bras Will I Need?

There are many questions that new mothers have about breastfeeding. One of the questions that many new mothers ask their friends, relatives and even through online forums is how many nursing bras are going to be best to add to the collection.

The amount of nursing bras that are going to be required by the breastfeeding mom depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The frequency of laundry that is going to be completed in the home
  • The other types of nursing apparel in the wardrobe, including nursing tank tops and other styles of shirts
  • Whether the mother is nursing full time or supplementing the infants nutrition with formula
  • How often the mother is going to nurse the child, and whether the mother intends to regularly pump breast milk

The average number of nursing bras that a woman has in the collection can depend on these factors. Mothers that are going to breastfeed the child full time without pumping or supplementing the breast milk with formula or other types of nutritional supplements will require fewer nursing bras than mothers that are going to breastfeed the infant full time.

nursing bra in India

The length of time the mother is going to nurse the infant can also influence the amount of nursing bras that the mother should purchase while breastfeeding. If the mother intends to breastfeed for the first couple of weeks, she may only need one nursing bra. If the mother is going to breastfeeding between the ages of birth and three months she may require one to three nursing bras. If the mother is going to breastfeed longer, and has intentions to do so for between six to twelve months, mothers often have more than five nursing bras in the collection.

Having more nursing bras in the collection can ensure that the bras are going to retain their high quality while in the rotation. The bras are going to be worn less and therefore retain the high quality longer, reducing the time that the nursing bras are required to be replaced. Using these guidelines, nursing mothers can consider their plans for breastfeeding to determine how many nursing bras they are personally going to use.

Fitting Into a Nursing Bra

During pregnancy your body is going to change shape in all sorts, and this is something you should embrace and enjoy.  Your breast size will most likely fluctuate quite dramatically throughout pregnancy, so finding the right nursing bra that will fit comfortably through pregnancy and nursing can seem like an impossible challenge. We find that the best way to calculate what size nursing bra you’ll need, is to take your measurements at 26 weeks and add 1 additional cup size and 1 additional band size to your bra size.

When choosing a nursing bra, it’s essential to get the right fit. Getting the right fit of nursing bra is going to ensure that you are not only comfortable while wearing the bra but also can ensure that the breasts are going to be supported while wearing it.

There are two ways that you can get the right fit. The first method includes getting fitted and measured for the nursing bra by a professional. These professional fittings are available through maternity stores and specialty lingerie stores and will require the sales person to measure the band of the bra, and then measure around the cup sizes of the bra. Comparing the two measurements will create a measurement of the band size, as well as finding the cup size.

Alternatively, the nursing bra size can be measured at home. There are instructions that are available through the maternity and lingerie websites that can allow the person measuring to complete the same measurements, and compare the measurements that are taken with a size chart to determine the band and cup size of the nursing bra that should be ordered while shopping online. Here are the steps you can take to measure your bra size.

1. Look in a mirror and, wearing a simple bra that should have no padding, take a tape measure around the wall of your chest at the bottom edge of the bra. Make sure it’s even with the back at the same height as the front – you can turn sideways to check. Note your measurement. This is measurement No. 1.

2. Next, take the tape measure around your breasts – again, it should be horizontal and at the fullest part of your breasts. The tape should fit snugly but it should not be tight. This is measurement No. 2.

Fitting into a nursing bra can be tricky – especially since many women buy nursing bras before they are nursing, which can make it difficult to find the right size. In the case that the nursing bras are purchased before nursing, women should consider that the nursing bra size can be as much as two cup sizes larger than the current size that is being worn.

Choosing a cup size that is one to two sizes larger is going to ensure that the bra is going to be comfortable post-birth and while breastfeeding to accommodate the changing cup sizes. Getting the right fit while breastfeeding is important and therefore women should consider buying one or two bras before the birth of the child in the case that they are breastfeeding, until they have determined the average size of the breasts – this way, they can ensure that the nursing bra is the right fit and both supportive and comfortable.

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