The Best Most Effective Deodorant For Women

When we talk about females, the first matter that comes to mind is beauty. Beauty does not only mean the outer appearance of the female, whether it is her countenances or clothing, it rather transgresses to a broader meaning to encompass every nice characteristic that attracts man, including her hygiene and smell.

Nice smell is one of the biggest factors for drawing respect and appreciation, and it is also a great aspect of feminine. We understand this issue very well, and we know also that the underarm odor can really be embarrassing to anyone not only women, and for this reason we have made this article to help women find the best deodorant that suits them well.

We would like also to state that our recommendations here are mainly based on the customer reviews, and we picked here the top-rated ones that are supposed to be the most effective deodorants for women.

Our list starts with natural items that are free of Aluminium and Alcohol, then in the next section we present the other type of deodorants that contain Aluminium and some other chemicals.

Best Deodorant for women in India

DeodoMom Roll-on A Hypoallergenic Lotion Deodorant

DeodoMom Roll Hypoallergenic Deodorant doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. It contains only magnesium hydroxide and water. It contains 0% Aluminum, Alcohol, Fragrance/Scent, Colorants/Dyes, and Parabens. It is also 100% Vegan. It does not have any scent and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It is very gentle deodorant and rarely cause any rash. In spite of being an all natural deodorant it is very long lasting and remains effective even in very hot and humid conditions. This deodorant is recommended for those who are looking for natural deodorant that works great.


  • natural deodorant – absolutely no aluminum or aluminum compounds
  • completely unscented- free from dyes, parabens, alcohol, glycol, baking soda, beeswax
  • 1100% vegan – no animal testing or animal byproducts
  • unisex formula and suitable for sensitive skins – doesn’t sting, stain, or leave residues
  • 1 applications lasts all day and 1 bottle is good for 3 months

Dove go fresh Revive Antiperspirant/Deodorant
Deodorants for use by women have to be gentle on skin and have a feminine scent. Dove go fresh Revive Antiperspirant/Deodorant meets these requirements, proving gentle on the skin and providing a pleasant scent that is appropriate for women. This product is available in lemon verbena and pomegranate scents. Users have reported that they liked both scents, and made them happy.

Dove says it intends to improve the self-esteem of girls and women. The scent and protection provided by this product goes a long way into making the Dove vision come true.


  • Dove go fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant Revive provides up to 48 hours antiperspirant protection
  • Contains Dove ¼ moisturizers for great underarm care
  • Leaves you with soft, smooth underarm skin
  • Helps delicate underarms recover from shaving irritation
  • Refreshing, pomegranate and lemon verbena scent

Dove go sleeveless Beauty Finish Deodorant
Few deodorants give you protection from body odor while at the same time giving you a smoother skin as Dove does. And with its sleeveless Beauty Finish, Dove delivers a fascinating product that does exactly that.

Dove describes its go sleeveless Beauty Finish Deodorant as a unique formula that “goes beyond 24-hour odor and wetness protection to nourish underarms with Dove quarter moisturizers and vitamins E and F. Its gentle formula leaves underarms softer, smoother, and ready to reveal in just 5 days”. This product seems to live up to the hype.

While it has feminine connotations, men have used this product because of its moisturizing effects. At the end of the day, you use whatever deodorant best works for you regardless.


  • Softer, smoother underarms in just 5 days
  • Stays on skin, not on clothes
  • 24-hour odor and wetness protection
  • Dove quarter moisturizers and vitamins E and F

Secret Clinical Strength Soothing Women’s Advanced Solid Calming Aloe Scent
Secret Clinical Strength Advanced Solid gives you 4X* protection from stress sweat. It absorbs odor while releasing scent, to keep you smelling clean and feeling dry. Plus, it’s doctor recommended, and was the #1 awarded antiperspirant/deodorant among beauty magazines.


  • It provides protection against wetness and stress sweat
  • It absorbs odor while releasing scent
  • keep you smelling clean and feeling dry
  • Prescription-strength wetness protection with skin-soothing conditioners.
  • 4X protection from stress sweat* (*vs. the wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant)
  • Odor-fighting capsules that absorb odor all day long.
  • Light, with a watery cucumber scent.

Degree Sheer Powder Invisible Solid Body Responsive Deodorant


  • Enjoy superior odor and wetness protection with Degree Antiperspirant deodorant.
  • 24 hour sweat and odor protection.
  • Dermatologically tested and alcohol-free.
  • Degree’s original deodorant & antiperspirant formula.

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