The Best Bluetooth Headsets in India

In many cities, its against the law to talk on your cellphone when you’re driving unless you’re using a Bluetooth headset. Hands-free devices have become very popular because of these laws, but its not always easy to shop for one. Were going to help you understand which features to look for, and to explain the differences between a Rs 300 Bluetooth headset and a Rs 3000 Bluetooth headset. You don’t need to spend a fortune shopping for the top Bluetooth headsets, but its important to get something that’s going to work when you need it.

Bluetooth headsets aren’t just for people to talk on their phones while driving, they’re also popular amongst the business community and anyone who wants to talk on the phone while having both of their hands free for other activities. Bluetooth headsets are also very popular amongst people who play video games, since they’re able to communicate with their teammates while maintaining full control of the game.

Take a look first at some of the best-selling and top-rated Bluetooth headsets in Amazon, and read our buyers guide below.

Things To Consider When Buying

There are many considerations to make, especially if you want to get one of the best Bluetooth headsets that are available. Its not just a matter of walking into the store and picking the most expensive one, because savvy shoppers know that it takes more than that. Here are several things to consider when you’re looking to buy a Bluetooth headset.

Which Features Matter To You?
For starters, you’ll want to choose which features matter most. In just a moment, well be taking a more in-depth look at the types of features you’ll have to choose from and why they matter.

Finding The Right Design For Your Ears
Everyone’s ears are different, so whats comfortable for you may not be comfortable for everyone else. Some headsets are meant to be worn along with glasses, whereas others might not fit as well if youre wearing glasses while using your headset. Also, do you want a really small headset or would you rather something a bit larger, which better sound quality?

What Will You Be Using Your Headset For?
This ones very important. Are you looking for the best Bluetooth headsets for using when youre driving in the car? For listing to music on your cellphone? For communicating in video games? Dont worry if you want to do any or all of the above, there is a perfect headset out there for you, its just a matter of finding it. Well be discussing this further near the end of this article and going into more details for various activities.

Features To Look For

Now were going to be taking a look at specific features that matter to consumers when it comes to choosing a good Bluetooth headset.

Multipoint Pairing: If you’re going to be using your headset with more than one device, for example with a gaming system, a laptop and a phone this is a must-have feature. In the past, Bluetooth headsets could only be paired up with one system at a time, meaning you would have to go through the process of re-syncing them each time you wanted to use them on a different device. With multipoint pairing, that inconvenience is a thing of the past.

High Definition Sound: This refers to a device that can produce audio quality in the 16KHz range. If you’re not really sure what that means, don’t worry in layman’s terms, it will sound twice as good as a typical Bluetooth headset would, since 8KHz is the standard. For better quality sound, look for 16KHz.

Voice Control: Many devices have voice command features built in, but not every device. For the ones that don’t, you can actually have voice commands built right into the headset with the modern versions of Bluetooth. You can accept calls, reject them, hang up, check battery life and more simply by using your voice.

Dual Mics: The best Bluetooth headsets will often have dual mics, which act to cancel out noise and grant the person you’re talking to the ability to hear you a lot more clearly and easily. Dual microphones in a Bluetooth headset, along with noise cancellation features, will drastically improve the sound quality so you’re not stuck sounding like you’re on an elevator or under a bridge the next time you’ve got to take an important call.

The Best Bluetooth Headset Based On Your Activities

Once you’ve chosen some features that matter most to you, its time to narrow the choices down by thinking about what you’ll be doing while using your headset.

Driving, Working
These are the most common uses for a Bluetooth device, and a classic in-ear model is usually the way to go. You don’t need anything too tiny, however you’ll still want to avoid bulk as much as possible.

Running, Jogging, At The Gym
If you’re looking for a headset to wear while you’re exercising, choose one that’s small and light weight and unobtrusive. However, make sure you’re able to connect it to your ear very well so that you don’t risk losing it. You’ll want to find one that’s light and fits perfect, otherwise you’ll find yourself always worrying about it staying in place.

For Entertainment, Gaming
If you plan to use this headset for gaming, for watching movies and other entertainment, you can probably opt for something a little larger in exchange for better quality sound.


Best Places To Buy Bluetooth Headsets?

You can find plenty of Bluetooth headsets at electronic stores and cellphone stores, but you’re going to pay a huge premium. A better option is to find your headsets online, if you don’t mind waiting a few days, up to a week or two for delivery. You can find the best Bluetooth headsets at the best prices with a quick online query.

Either way, doing your research online and choosing which model you want is a good way to go, but you wont be able to try it on first to make sure it fits perfectly, which can be one of the downsides. What many people like to do is shop for their item in person, then when they’ve found a headset they want, they’ll simply order it online from Amazon or another popular online retailer.

Hopefully you have found value in this Buyers Guide for the Best Bluetooth Headsets. Our goal was to educate consumers to make the right choices for them, since everyone has different needs and unique preferences.

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