Portable Washing Machines in India

Washing machines have always brought to mind an image of large, bulky, noisy and extremely space consuming

The fact that Laundromats typically houses extra large machines and are almost fully filled in every corner with washing machines further reinforces this impression. But in actual fact, washing machines have come a long way from their original forms. As city living became more crowded, and houses became smaller, household appliances, including washing machines have gotten smaller.

Washing machines were very much the kind of appliance that you move in and probably won’t ever move again because of its size and also because of its pipe connections. But people gradually realized that it wasn’t very sensible to not being able to move a long lasting appliance such as a washing machine.

After all, washing machines do need maintenance as do their pipes and connections. So it becomes obvious that portable washing machines were needed. The first generation of portable washing machines were designed with wheels for portability, but they remained fairly large due to equipment restrictions.

But as technology improved, motors became smaller, more powerful and portable washing machines became not only light and portable, but smaller and therefore space saving. Portable washing machines today can be as small as only three feet tall by two feet wide, not much bigger than an old CRT monitor.

But no matter how small portable washing machines become, they remain constrained by the fact that washing machines need to be connection to water pipes and drainage. But some extremely portable washing machines today don’t even require these connections. They are one self contained unit that requires you to pour water in manually and then drain it manually as well.

Portable washing machines are much smaller than standard washing machines and this places a limit on their capacity. You can wash much less clothes in portable washing machines, but a small capacity is no issue for most families today. Especially if there are but just two of you in the house without any children, small portable washing machines are adequately sized for such.

Even if portable washing machines are undersized for your needs, you can still use portable washing machines for small items or items that need regular washing to avoid having to go to the laundry every so often.

Portable washing machines are light enough for you to move around so there’s a great deal of flexibility with them. You don’t wash clothes 24 hours a day, so there’s no need to keep your washing machines out all the time. You can now keep them somewhere out of the place when you’re done with them.

Portable washing machines are also much smaller so it’s also easier to find a place to keep them. Their smaller capacity also means a fuller load with each wash, so it saves you water and electrical bills. If you’re looking to wash your own clothes at home, but don’t want a big bulky washing machine, portable washing machines could be just the right thing for you.

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