OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer – Review

There are a variety of V-blade mandoline slicers in the market, but the economy slicers from Wal-Mart and elsewhere can be disappointing. The OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer is a reasonably priced slicer,  that has superior design and can be used to make a variety of cuts and slices. Here is a look at how the Good Grips fares in the kitchen.

About The OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

The OXO Good Grips is a V-Blade slicer that comes with 4 blades and a simple height adjuster that can be used to get three thicknesses – 6mm, 4.5mm, 3mm and 1.5mm. The combination of blades that are part of the set can make both straight cuts as well as crinkle cuts to offer versatile slicing. The blade design of the slicer allows the blades to be stored on board when not in use. The food holder and the body of the slicer can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The blades are meant to be hand-washed.

OXO Mandoline Slicer in India

Pros And Cons

This mandoline slicer has a simple yet effective design that is easy to use, store and clean. The blades are quite sharp, so care must be taken when storing. It has safety features that protect the user when the slicer is in use. When putting away the slicer, the rubber feet are folded in to make a compact shape that doesn’t take up much space.

The OXO Good Grips slices most types of fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, you can use it very effectively to slice tomatoes, which is usually the most difficult vegetable to slice with other mandoline slicers available in the market today.

The feet are non-slip, so in most cases you can use the slicer without worrying about it riding down the counter while slicing. However, when slicing hard root vegetables like carrots, some people have experienced a little slippage.

Users that want to slice fruits and vegetables for dehydration will find that the thicknesses of the slices that come out of the slicer are very uniform. The flexible thickness settings make the OXO Good Grips very suitable for the process of dehydration.

Users may find the slicer gets a little sticky to use, which may be because of the plastic food guide that suffers too much friction as it slides down. This can be remedied by spreading a thin film of cooking oil or olive oil on the ramp where the food slices down towards the blade. This can instantly solve the problem and remove any jerkiness.

When cleaning the slicer without a dishwasher, it is enough to use some hot water and liquid soap, if the slicer doesn’t have any dried food stuck to it. Changing the blades the first few times can be tricky, and may need the manual (which is also available online). This is the only glaring problem with the design.

The Verdict

The OXO Good Grips slicer is a great addition to any kitchen for quick slicing, especially if you want to make larger cuts. The set of skewers at the center holds the food to be cut and the differently shaped hollows for different types of vegetables are very useful. This mandoline slicer is fast to use and easy to clean, making it the best mandoline slicer for saving time in the kitchen.

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