Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

One will not know how difficult and painful it is to have your breasts full unless you have given birth already. It is also a thoroughly uncomfortable and disconcerting experience if this happens when you are at work or any important gathering and liquid oozes out of your breasts getting your shirt or suit wet. If you don’t have your little infant around to breast feed then expressing the milk out with a breast pump is the best choice you will have. One of the best brands which you can trust is Medela and one of their products is not just functional but very stylish as well.

Technology at its best

Medela Breast Pump in IndiaThe Pump in Style Advanced Shoulder Bag by Medela features a breast pump which you can use daily and can be operated manually or with use of battery or electricity. You can express milk manually at home and directly put it in your baby’s bottle feeder or make use of the electric mode to make everything else easier. The battery mode can be used when the need for breast pumping is at hand and you find yourself in your car or at a restaurant. The basic process of expressing milk imitates the natural method, as if your baby is the one doing the job. The first phase it goes through is nipple stimulation and slow sucking which is followed by the second one immediately that is a stronger suction to get more milk out. Unlike other products in the market today which has forceful sucking action as soon as you position the pump, this is gentle on your body making breast pumping a more relaxing task.

You’ll get your much-needed privacy.

With Medela’s Pump in Style, you can do this task anywhere you need to because it doesn’t make that loud buzzing sound which people usually identify with breast pumping. You can definitely express the milk discreetly and privately. Technology will be ineffective and worthless if it doesn’t help you in all ways and so the creators of this product have not just made it functional but also tasteful. With a black shoulder bag that the whole set comes with, you can bring this anywhere – yes, even in one of those corporate meetings. Your colleagues won’t have an idea that you have a fully serviceable breast pump set in that handy and elegant black bag. A removable cooling pouch bag is also included with an ice pack that is contoured to the shape of the milk bottles. This can keep the expressed milk cool and fresh for the next twelve hours after. By the time you get home, your child can have his or her share!

There really is nothing more you could ever need. Medela’s Pump in Style Advanced Shoulder Bag is a bit pricey but has all the breast pumping paraphernalia you may need. If you are willing to spend more, then you are assured of a less stressful stay in the office, not to mention pain and discomfort-free work for the whole week.

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