Measuring Your Size for a Nursing Bra

Finding the right size nursing bra is going to ensure that the right level of support is provided and can create a comfortable bra that can be both worn throughout the daytime and through night-time nursing sessions.

To get the right fit, the woman must measure the breasts using specific measurements and compare the measurements with the common size charts that are available through maternity websites and lingerie stores to determine the right size nursing bra that should be purchased.

What are the steps that the woman should complete while measuring your size for a nursing bra?

First, the woman should ensure that the bra being worn does not constrict the breasts excessively – or while measuring at home, measure without the bra being worn. The first measurement that should be taken should be taken under the breast, where the traditional band of the bra would be worn.

This measurement is going to be the band size that is chosen for the nursing bra to ensure that it is going to be comfortable enough to wear, and to ensure that adequate support is going to be provided for the breasts. Take note of this size while measuring.

The second essential measurement that is going to be taken is the measurement around the body, including the breasts. This measurement should be taken at the fullest part of the breasts to ensure that the right cup measurement is going to be obtained.

Next, the band size should be subtracted from the larger number, the measurement from around the cup size (taken in inches) which will result in a number (the difference). It is this number that is going to be compared with a common size chart to determine the cup size that should be chosen of the nursing bra.

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