Know The Differences Between Deodorant And Antiperspirant

Many people who look for a solution to eliminate the bad smell of their armpits are faced with two options over there: either to use a deodorant or antiperspirant for that purpose, which confuses them and keeps them unsure about which one to go for. What adds to this confusion also is the fact that there are many deodorants that are antiperspirant as well, and vice-versa. Even their shape looks similar, they both come in roll-on bottles or stick shape, and their prices also are close.

So, with all these similarities, what are the real differences between the two? Is there any recommendation of one over the other? And if theres any, then on what basis we have made the answer? Here we try to answer all these questions and outline the major features that make the difference between the two which will help eventually to enlighten you about this issue and make it easy to realize what fits best for your needs.

To make it a fair comparison we need to understand how each of them function to achieve their goal by eliminating the bad smell of the underarm spots.

Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant

As for deodorant, its main purpose is to kill bacteria and cleanse your sweat from these microbes, that’s why some deodorants contain neomycin, the same ingredient in some antibacterial creams or ointments. Deodorants neutralize odor from sweating by killing bacteria, but they dont stop us from sweating or perspiring. They also contain perfume which can help overcome body odor and give a pleasing fragrance. You see, it is not the sweat that smells. When the bacteria eats the sweat on our bodies it causes the odor. In a nutshell, deodorants kill the bacteria. No bacteria, no odor.

On the other hand, antiperspirant products reduce the amount of sweat released to keep the armpit dry and comfortable. The action of the antiperspirant ingredients also helps to control the growth of bacteria. This, together with the effect of the perfume, means that they work as effective deodorants. Hence, antiperspirants are usually labelled as antiperspirant deodorants as they perform both functions.

Which One To Pick?

As has been already mentioned above, the deodorant works more like an antiseptic or a sterilizer mixed with a perfume to cover any remains of the bad smell underarms. These two contents can be found easily in nature, which implies they are skin-friendly, and thats why most of the natural products concerning this matter are deodorants.

When it comes to antiperspirant it uses aluminum salt to perform its role in dwindling sweats. It has been argued that this material may affect health in the long term and cause Alzheimer or breast-cancer in females, but this has not been proven yet to be true.

Based on that possibility, what we recommend here is to often use a deodorant in your daily life, and make the antiperspirant an exception when you need a log term solution and do not have the opportunity to wash and apply deodorant to your armpits every few hours during your day.

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