JBL Micro Wireless Speaker – Reviews

The moniker of JBL Micro Wireless Speaker, is about as straightforward as a name can be. By looking at it, you know who the maker is, that the product is more than likely going to be somewhere between tiny and small, and that it is a speaker that does not require a wired connection to do what it is supposed to do. Simple, really.

That is what the Micro Wireless Speaker is – it is simple, and that’s the way it should be. As mentioned previously, when testing a device that ought to be simple to use, I eschew the owner’s manual and dive right in. However, upon diving in this time, I was almost immediately stymied. I couldn’t figure out how to pair my Android phone with this speaker. Closer inspection of the unit didn’t exactly clear things up for me, either. There’s a power button, a volume control switch, a charging port, an AUX in port, and a slim grey wire with a 3.5mm plug at the end of it to daisy chain it to another speaker or device. That’s it – clean, nearly austere. Then I saw the little Bluetooth symbol right next to the power button, and that’s when I picked up the quick start guide. The little pictogram in the guide shows that the power button must be held down for three seconds in order to pair. Three seconds later, my two devices were married and experiencing digital bliss.

Once paired, this low-profile, lightweight speaker comes to life. The sound that comes out of it is on par, if not perhaps slightly better than other Bluetooth speakers in the sub-one-hundred-dollar category. Depending on the type of music and the quality of the recording, it can actually be played at full volume without significant distortion, and it can be played up to five hours without the lithium-ion battery needing to be recharged. In fact, I’ve only had to charge it three times in the three weeks I’ve been testing it.

If you are looking for something ultra-portable, with an above average connection range, and excellent sound quality for under Rs 2500 the JBL Micro Wireless is a very good choice.

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