Do Whitening Strips Really Work?

Are you looking for a way to brighten your smile up to four shades? Whitening strips are an easy and effective way to brighten the smile, but a way to whiten the smile without breaking the bank. Easily available through the local supermarket, drug store and even through popular retailers online, whitening strips are one of the most cost effective ways to whiten the smile up to four shades and brighten the overall smile while increasing the confidence that comes with a whiter smile.

Do Whitening Strips Really Work?

There are many methods that are used to whiten the teeth. From easy to difficult, the methods can depend on the level of whitening that is desired, the type of whitening methods that are preferred and the budget for the entire process of teeth whitening. One of the preferred methods to whiten the teeth includes whitening strips. Whitening strips are applied to the teeth and use a whitening solution and an adhesive to attach the strip to the teeth. Depending on the concentration of the solution, the whitening strips are adhered to the teeth from anywhere from thirty minutes to overnight.

When it comes to the length of time that the whitening strips are adhered to the teeth, the higher the concentration of bleach and other active whitening ingredients, the lesser the amount of time that the strips must be adhered to the teeth. Whitening strips that have the higher concentration of bleach and other whitening ingredients are often a more effective way to whiten the teeth and therefore are a popular way to brighten the smile. These kits that have a higher concentration are often higher in price and available from offices of dentists, specialized teeth whitening services and through department stores selling the leading brands of teeth whitening kits.

Whitening strips can be an effective way to whiten the teeth and are also an effective way to remove stains. Though white strips can whiten the smile, it’s important to realise that the results are gradual, and with each application to the smile, the level of brightness can increase up to four shades of white. To increase the shades of white, the user can combine the whitening strips with other types of whitening methods, and also use repeated applications of the strips to the smile to brighten the appearance of the teeth.

How long do whitening strips work to brighten the smile?

Once the whitening strips are applied to the teeth the effects will be seen within seven to ten days. Though results can be seen only one to two days into the program, full results will be seen once the process has been completed. Full effects of whitening can be seen on the teeth for between six to eight weeks after the whitening strips have been applied to the teeth.

To extend the whitening process, many patients choose to use whitening rinses and toothpastes. Using these types of products, the whitening can be extended, allowing new stains to be repelled from the surface of the teeth. This is a great way to ensure that the white and bright smile can be maintained and the confidence that comes with a great smile can be extended too.

After six to eight weeks, the whitening strip regimen can be repeated.

Repeating the process can be a great way to maintain and even increase the whiteness of the smile, and therefore allow the smile to be shades brighter each month that the kits are used on the teeth. In just a couple of months, the appearance of the smile can be completely changed, allowing the user to get the confidence that comes with healthy teeth.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips in India

Crest Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects Advanced Seal

Whether you are a smoker or are simply trying to remove the build-up of plaque that can cause the teeth to yellow over time, Crest Whitestrips with Advanced seal pro effects can effectively help to whiten the teeth in as little as ten days. Crest Whitestrips are known for their advanced seal. The advanced seal that forms between the teeth and the white strip applied to the surface allows the person using the white strips to talk, drink water and even do other daily activities while the white strips are working away, whitening the teeth. The comfortable technology means no more discomfort while trying to whiten the smile.

The results of a whiter smile can be seen in as little as three days after the white strips have begun being applied to the teeth. Full results will be completed after ten days, where the person using the white strips can see full results after the recommended ten days of use. After the complete ten day regimen, the person using the white strips can expect the teeth to be whitened between six to eight shades.

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