Can Perfume Take The Place Of Deodorant?

When we talk about deodorants alone, we separate them from antiperspirants to make the difference between them distinguishable. We’ve stated already in several posts on our website the difference between those two, and said that deodorant is more like a sterilizer whereas antiperspirant works to decrease the amount of sweat your armpits excrete.

The Concept Of Using Deodorants

People use deodorants to get rid of the bad smell caused by fermentation of our sweat ingredients by the bacteria. What happens exactly is that when our body gets hot and so makes us feel uncomfortable, our sweat glands are designed to self cool us by providing moisture, which when excreted, causes the cooling effect. When we wash ourselves with soap, the skin loses its acid mantle raising our skins pH and so disrupting our skin barrier which creates conditions in which many bacteria thrive on us, particularly under our armpits and groin area. That is what makes our skin susceptible to bacterial colonization feeding on our sweat there from the apocrine glands as well as our dead skin and hair cells, thereby putting out a chemical called trans-3-Methyl-2-hexenoic acid in the bacterial decay. That is what translates into human noses near us detecting a nasty stink! Deodorants are marketed to address that so people near us do not notice that we smell bad in such conditions.

So as can be deduced from the above paragraph, the remedy of the bad smell is to get rid of the bacteria that eat our sweat and produce that nasty smelly acid. Killing the bacteria requires a sterilizer, whether it is a soap or alcohol or any other material that prospers in eliminating the bad bacteria on our armpits. This is where deodorant fits.  Its main job to kill the bacteria and keep them away from the spot to which it is applied as long as possible. But if you maintain a proper hygiene for your body, you do not really need a deodorant at all, maybe only for the sake of changing your skins genuine smell as most of deodorant products nowadays are mixed with perfume.

In conclusion, if you boast of a clean body, a mere perfume is sufficient, otherwise if you do not have the opportunity to always wash you most stinky areas (i.e. armpits and groin), then go for deodorant.

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