Blue Microphones Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone – Review

The Bluebird is the latest cardioid condenser produced by Blue Microphones. It features a sleeker design, versatile recording capabilities and pop filter, cable, carrying case and shock mount. Unlike other mics produced by Blue Microphones, the Bluebird is designed for a wide-range of applications, including drumming, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, hip hop tracks and percussion instruments.

Blue Microphones Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone Review: Specs and Package Details

The Bluebird is 220 MM in length and 44 MM in diameters. The mic’s capsule head is designed somewhat larger than other models in this line and features a flattened front surface, as opposed to Blue Microphones usual spherical shaped mics. Like the name, the Bluebird come in a matte dark blue.

The manufacturer claims the Bluebird features a 20 HZ to 20 KHZ frequency response. Consumers reported that the mic has a flat overall response, with a peak at about 12 KHZ and a small lift at 2 KHZ. The mic’s bottom end tends to roll off gradually from about 500 HZ, if you use the Bluebird at a distance.

Aside from the mic, this package also includes a wooden box and an accessory pack. This pack contains a high def mic cable, shockmount and a pop filter that’s made out of metal mesh. The mic cable is covered with transparent blue plastic and is of good quality. The connectors are pretty standard and the cable’s braided wires have been soldered to the connector at both ends.

The included shock mount is also standard, featuring two level arms that are designed to expand the inner tube slightly, for mic installation.

The pop filter is a metal disc that measures in at 65 MM in diameter. It’s anchored in place by two knurled bolts. When the bolts are released the block splits in half and clamps around the stalk located below the microphone capsule. When the filter is securely mounted in front of the capsule it gives the whole setup a pro feel.

This model sounds very smooth through mid and upper-mid range and offers improved clarity at the top of the spectrum. This means that it’s able to capture a lot of detail. The type of sound clarity it offers can work well with most music genres.

What Consumers had to say about the Bluebird’s Performance

Consumers who used the Bluebird felt that it has an obvious hypercardioid polar response, however this model is actually marketed as a basic cardioid mic. Overall, users found the mic to be very compatible with a wide range of genres. The mic’s flexibility is perfect for the artist or sound engineer on a budget. It’s also one of the quieter mics on the market, but is still able to offer the user wide range.

How this Blue Microphones model rated with Consumers

Consumers gave the Bluebird a rating of five out of five stars, which makes this our top-rated model. With pretty solid components in this package and a mic that allows you to test your skills with a number of genres, the Bluebird is a popular consumer favorite that will pleasantly surprise you.

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