Best Outdoor Speakers in India

No matter for personal or commercial context, outdoor speaker is very useful. Typically, the speakers can stand up to the elements and deliver good sound, despite the fact that they will be used in a different type of environment. To a patio or deck, outdoor speakers are wonderful addition. They are especially designed to offer music to friends and family. More excellently, these speakers are designed for weathering harsh conditions. Not every kind of outdoor speaker in market is perfect, so you have to choose carefully.

Choose the right outdoor speaker

Usually, people like to set home theater systems or stereo systems, but an old, portable stereo with an extension cord is needed for getting music outside home. Offering high quality sound, an outdoor speaker system is necessary while you are holding a pool party or backyard BBQ. This kind of audio fixtures is able to resist water, heat and the other elements of nature.

If you are choosing the best outdoor speaker, this review can offer help, for it lists some criteria which should be considered. It is a difficult thing to find a suitable outdoor speaker, for there are powerful and passive ones. You should make sure that the speaker can create good sound in an outdoor setting. In fact, playing audio in the open air is harder than in a room.

In the following passage, there are criteria used to evaluate the outdoor speakers:

Importantly, physical construction of an outdoor speaker decides how much sound it can produce. It depends on the size of the tweeter (the driver which is specialized in playing the high frequencies); and the woofer (the driver plays the midrange and lower frequencies). Moreover, how much power is required to play at decent volumes and the peak amount of power the drivers can handle should be considered. In a word, an excellent outdoor speaker can keep your sound from dissipating into the air.

Of course, the backyard is bigger than living room, but a compact design is still essential. Outdoor speakers should be lightweight, for they will be fixed on walls. If you wonder small size stands for small sound, the outdoor speaker can show you that it is false.

Another important thing about outdoor speaker is the performance. To check the performance, you have to look at the frequency response of each model. In addition, the nominal impedance and the sensitivity of the unit need to be considered.

Help & Support
For every audio equipment, technical support is especially essential to users. Among so many providers of outdoor speaker, some just offer telephone support, others also offer contacting via email or live chat.

Top 5 Outdoor Speakers in India 2017

Yamaha Corp. NS-AW390 All-Weather Speaker System

Pros: New natural sound; all-weather speaker system; 6 Ohms impedance; 130 Watts maximum input power; 2-way acoustic suspension; magnetic shielding sensitivity; adjustable mounting brackets; compact and wired; perfect sound; high quality; decent bass response.

Summary: Allowing professional and entertainment enthusiasts to deliver a full, clear, and tight sound response, Yamaha Corp. NS-AW390 All-Weather Speaker System is especially professional. It is weather-resistant and UV-resistant, so it could withstand full exposure to the elements. In this speaker, there is new natural sound all-weather speaker system. In addition, it contains 6 Ohms impedance, 130 Watts maximum input power, 2-way acoustic suspension and magnetic shielding sensitivity.

 Yamaha NS-AW592 Speaker

Pros: Excellent audio performance; versatile applications; various installation possibilities; unique cosmetic design; match the exterior or interior decor nicely; advanced speaker technology; mix higher sound quality along with long-term durability; a wide range of applications.

Summary: Being outstanding, Yamaha NS-AW592 Speaker is designed with advanced speaker technology. It can be matched with the exterior or interior decor freely. There are Flexible set up choices along with provided installation mounting brackets. Also, you will find wide selection associated with programs for house theaters, little industrial areas and public structures. It contains high-grade weatherproof cupboards with unique digesting for get, water and UV opposition.

 Yamaha NS-AW392 Speaker – 2-way – Cable 40W (RMS) / 120W (PMPO) – Black

Pros: Top quality; add to the fun of backyard parties; supply background music on patios; excellent audio performance; versatile applications; various installation possibilities; unique cosmetic design; all-weather construction.

Summary: Different from common speakers, Yamaha Corp of Ameri Yamaha NS-AW392 Speaker – 2-way – Cable 40W (RMS) / 120W (PMPO) – Black has attracted a great many people. Yamaha came on its lengthy encounter like a producer associated with high quality hi-fi loudspeaker techniques to created the NS-AW392 all-weather model. Created mainly for use of being an outdoor loudspeaker, the NS-AW392 may increase the fun associated with yard events, provide music upon patios and patio’s or end up being installed or close to the storage. You can install it by many ways, like on the ceiling, on the floor or on the wall.

TIC Corporation ASP120-W Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Pros: Switchable between 8 ohm and 70-volt applications; sound crisp and clear; top-quality signal transfer; adjust the speakers to the perfect angle; high quality sound; various installation options.

Summary: TIC Corporation ASP120-W Indoor/Outdoor Speakers feature a weatherproof design with Teflon-sealed internal cabinetry and UV-resistant ABS housing, so it becomes the most popular speakers. Furthermore, they are switchable between 8 ohm and 70-volt applications, so bars, resorts, or other businesses can use them for commercial applications or homeowners. These speakers sound crisp and clear, because they have high-quality Y30 ferrite magnets and low-resonance frames. In addition, these speakers include features of five-way gold-plated binding posts that ensure a top-quality signal transfer.

Polk Audio Atrium 60 6-1/2″ Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Pair) – Black

Pros: Incredible high performance sound; great flexibility, reliability and high fidelity sound quality; awesome power; clear and clean sound; great bass; easy to install; 6-1/2″ mineral-filled polymer; 5-way binding posts; wall-mountable with rustproof, 90° swivel mounting bracket; weather-resistant stainless-steel and brass enclosure helps protect the speakers from varying weather conditions.

Summary: Polk Audio – Atrium 60 6-1/2″ Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Pair) – Black owns high ability to fill large spaces with big, life-like high quality sound. This speaker has especially great flexibility, reliability and high fidelity sound quality for the great outdoors. Moreover, it offers freedom to put speakers anywhere you want high performance sound. No matter on the kitchen, the den, the guestroom, the patio or pool, or backyard BBQ pit, it will play an important role. Once you desire to get incredible sound, this speaker can offer possibility.

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