Best Circular Saws in India

Would you like to be able to cut a straight line efficiently and quick? What you should look for is a circular saw? These great power tools were designed to cut wood for furniture, or flooring as an example, but it can be used to cut brick, metal and even plastic. Circular saws are considered more powerful when compared to a jigsaw but are only limited to cutting in straight lines, although there are some models that will come with a base plate that is adjustable to allow you to create angled cuts. You will notice that the blade sizes can range in diameters between 150 mm to 185mm.

There are two main types of circular saws: the sidewinder and worm-drive. You also have an option to purchase either a corded, or cordless model, and trimming saws. Please keep in mind the material you plan to cut and how much performance, convenience and power you are looking for when you begin to evaluate the type of circular saw which may be perfect for you.

Two Types of circular saws

Worm-drive Circular Saws

worm drive circular saw in IndiaA worm-drive circular saw can cut through plywood and studs easily all day, making them the favorite for professional carpenters. The motor is located parallel to the blade on a worm-drive saw which helps to deliver enough torque to cut through concrete or wet lumber over and over again. Although, when it comes to a worm-drive circular saw, the heavy duty also means that it is heavy weight. If you do not feel as if the heavy weight and power of a worm-drive circular saw is needed, it may be best to consider a lighter saw that is easy to carry and hold.

Sidewinder Circular Saw

A sidewinder circular saw can also be known as an inline or traditional saw, they are very popular on most construction sites and also tend to be the main choice for most home owners. The motor for this type of saw is located perpendicular to the blade, which makes it lightweight and powerful enough to do most woodcutting jobs. If you need a circular saw for medium to a heavy duty type of cutting, without all the heavy weight from a worm-drive saw, then you should look into getting a sidewinder circular saw that has helical gearing that will supply extra torque.

Circular Saw Key Features:

Saw Blades for Circular Saws

There are a variety of different sized circular saw blades and circular saws. The cutting capacity is determined by the blade size and many tend to have a diameter of 184mm. The saw blades will come with various teeth settings to be used for cutting across or along the grain of any type of wood. If the blade happens to have more teeth, the cut will be a lot finer. TCT or Tungsten carbide tipped blades normally last quite a bit longer and may also cut a lot faster than the usual steel blades.

Rip Guide

Rip guides are the metal plate guide that will boost the saw accuracy. If you believe that you will be doing high precision jobs that need a lot of control, then it is worth having.

Power Rating

A circular saw can be a very powerful machine. The power not only comes from the motor size, but the fastness of the spinning blade, which is measured by RPM or revolutions per minute. The larger the RPM happens to be, the higher that the cut smoothness and power will be. The power that many circular saws have will begin at about 1000w to 1500w.

A Depth Adjuster

You will be able you to change the exact depth of your cuts by simply adjusting how high the body of the saw is from its base plate. This tends to be used for cutting various types of materials that have a variety of thicknesses.

Parallel Guide

A Parallel Guide is almost like the rip guide. It will help you to make more accurate cuts at a varying distances from the edge. The parallel guide is then attached on the base plate that is on your circular saw, and usually comes standard on many circular saws.

Adjustable base plates

If you planned to make any type of angled cuts, then you will certainly need to have the adjustable base plate that will tilt to set a particular angle. Doing this will allow you to angle it between 0 and 45 degrees as well as let you adjust the depth of the cut.


Any circular saw that has non-slip, but soft handles with allow you to have greater control.

Dust Extraction

You may notice that circular saws tend to cause a lot of dust. Be sure to look for a model that has the vacuum cleaner attachment or dust bag.

Laser Circular Saw

Do you need to have a guide that will help you to cut a straight lines? There are plenty of circular saws that have lasers that will shine small beams of light onto your work surface in order for you to be able to follow a straight line. The lasers do not work in areas that have bright sunlight and can sometimes be hidden by dust. There are some experts that consider them a selling point.

Safety Features

There is a lock off or safety switch that will allow you to be worry free and stop the saw from starting on accident. Some models will have soft start switches that will set the blade rotations at a slower speeds to allow the first cut to be more controlled.


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