Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump Review

Breast milk expression may be one of the most difficult tasks to do especially when you have other responsibilities apart from taking care of your newborn baby like going to work early, taking your other children to school or even preparing dinner for your husband. Breast pumping ahead of time and saving it in the fridge has been known to be a convenient practice as the milk from the mother will not spoil even after six months as long as it is in the freezer.

Manual vs. Automated Breast Pumps

Avent Breast Pump IndiaAlthough there are several programmed and automated products in the market today which guarantees efficient processes and the best results, nothing beats the more natural way. Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump is an improved manual pump that can be easily depressed and continuously pumped. Unlike other manual pumps which may damage breast tissues and even hurt your nipples, this product from Avent has soft and pliable flanges that will massage your breasts first to encourage let-down then increase suction for milk expression. The truth is, there will always be hundreds of technological advancements in everything but nothing beats the natural way of doing things.

How to Use Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump

This breast pump is quite easy to assemble and use. Although there will be a manual included in the package once you buy it, here is an overview on the parts and where each one would go. The Avent feeding bottle for babies usually has a travel cover where the rubber nipple is to keep it tight and a cap. When you need to use this as a breast pump then all you’ll have to do is take the cap, travel cover and the teat off and place the stand under the bottle. Everything that goes on top of the mouth of the Avent feeding bottle (now pumped milk reservoir) consists of the ‘bottle adapter’ which is tightened with the mouth by the ‘locking ring’. A small ‘white valve’ is placed on top of the bottle adapter and found under the ‘pump body’. This pump body is connected to the ‘funnel’ where a ‘silicone petal massager’ is attached.  This soft flange is the one you put over your breast and fit your nipples into. The ‘silicone diaphragm, stem’ and ‘pump cover’ are found on top of the pump body while the handle is attached to the side of it as well.

Practice makes perfect but as long as you have everything down pat, cleaning and re-assembly will not be as difficult as you think it would be. Note that milk can become a satisfactory breeding ground for bad bacteria and you don’t want your baby getting sick of anything.

There are some disadvantages, like any other products you would find in the market, such as the fact that the flanges may not have room for all nipple sizes especially the larger ones and that the set may not be compatible to other bottles except for Avent. However, the positive side of this wonder pump is more to your advantage and at around $60 only (Amazon Online rate) you can get this for emergency purposes in most drugstores.

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