AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone – Review

AKG has a reputation for producing some of the most popular studio quality mics in the industry. Their new condenser mic the C214 is a more affordable option. The consumer can choose to purchase the mic alone,  or opt to buy accessories that are able to change the mic’s sound.

AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone Review: Product Overview

The mic comes with a highpass filter, cardioid pattern and 20 DB pad. The manufacturer claims that the highpass filter is able to cut bass by six DB per octave, beginning at 160 HZ.

The mic comes with a shockmount, protective case and cable. The body of the mic is made of all-metal die-cast that’s coated with a finish that’s scratch-resistant.

How the C214 Condenser Mic Tested with Consumers

The mic itself has been marketed as very versatile. When used to record drums some consumers felt that there wasn’t much extreme low end because the mic is flat below 500 HZ. When used to record a piano or percussion, the mic works well.

It’s not the best model for vocal recordings. The mic tends to fall flat when recording women’s vocals, especially if the singer is a soprano, giving the recording a somewhat thin sound. Most recording artists should instead use a mic that offers more bump on the end.

While not an ideal mic to use for vocals, the C213 can really shine when used with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, guitar amps, pianos, percussions and drum kits.

Final Say and Rating for this AKG Microphone: Why this Mic Falls Flat for some Consumers

Overall, this is a good product that offers you the type of studio quality sound you need when recording certain instruments. Unfortunately, it falls pretty flat when it comes to recording high-pitched voices, which is a huge downside for audio engineers or artists on a budget. Because AKG markets this model as versatile, it’s kind of a letdown that versatility is exactly what it lacks. A great condenser mic for instrumental tracks, this AKG mic is a good score for consumers looking for a back-up mic, but by no means should this model be heavily relied upon as the main go-to recording device. Another common complaint was the cost of this mic, compared to lower priced models that offered more flexibility. This is actually twice the price of certain models that offer versatility, but loyal AKG consumers can appreciate what this mic can do, even if its abilities are somewhat limited.

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